Glastonbury, a new adventure

A few years ago I decided to move to Glastonbury. A beautiful and wonderful place.  Taking the step to move from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom has been a step into the unknown, a new adventure. It is fascinating to discover all that happens here, on every level. There is constant change around me and it is necessary to be in balance. Spending time in nature gives me just that what I need. The discovery walks I create are based on our connection with nature and is a way of discovering ourselves. It is my belief that the more you know about yourself and what you need, the more stable you are.

A couple of days ago I climbed the Glastonbury Tor and instead of taking the second entrance, which I always do, I took the first entrance and saw that somebody has made a labyrinth next to the path.  I walked the labyrinth realizing that it is time to discover something new again.

This website and blogging is a new experience for me and it gives me the opportunity to explain more about the discovery walks I offer. In the next blog I will tell you more about the water element and the connection with nature.

xx Trea