New Beginnings 5-day journey

New Beginnings

5-day  journey in Glastonbury

5-Day journey to connect with the start of a new period in your life.

In this 5-day journey we will connect with the energies of the new on several layers. You can experience how you are emotionally and mentally connected to the new. You can let go of the old and release stuck thought patterns. We will visit Chalice Well, climb the Tor, make the heart connection at Brides Mound.  Mark the new beginning at Wearyal Hill and wander around Glastonbury Abbey.

During these days you will receive many insights about the new chapter in your life. I will show you how nature can be your guide and how nature mirrors your inner self. All you have to do is LOOK! Nature reveals and you can trust the insights and answers that come to you.


  • walks in the natural environment of Glastonbury
  • connecting with the new beginnings
  • short visualizations
  • collecting natural material
  • experience how nature mirrors yourself
  • exercises to make the connection with the new beginnings
  • intuitively guided
  • use of Color Mirror bottles
  • visit to Glastonbury Tor, Brides Mound, Wearyal Hill
  • visit to Chalice Well and Glastonbury Abbey (entrance fees included)
  • learn to trust your inner guidance
  • connect with nature
  • be strongly connected with your new path

Most of the walks take a few hours.. There are several stops along the way. Each day we shall have a picnic along the way (please bring a lunch with you). 

Day 1

The journey starts at a special place at Bushy Coombe, just a few minutes from the center of Glastonbury. The connection with the new beginnings will be made and you can look into nature to see what it has to show you.  Today we will start with your emotional side (energy of WATER). We walk to Chalice Well where you can walk through the pool and meditate at the Well. Afterwards we climb the Tor to feel the breath of freedom.

Day 2

This day we meet at the Tor from where we will connect with the new beginnings on another level. You will experience the new beginning from the site of your thoughts and dreams (energy of AIR) There will be several exercises to connect and collect natural material. In the afternoon there will be a creative workshop.

Day 3

On this third day we walk to Brides Mound, which is on the other side of Glastonbury. The connection between the NEW and the HEART will be made today. As every day we will look into nature and see what she has to show you. A day with heart based exercises and a tribute at the end. 

Day 4

Wearyal Hill is on the program today. We will enter the NEW on a higher level and see what messages come today! You can identify yourself with your new beginning also in an earthly way and we will have a small ceremony at Wearyal Hill. In the afternoon there is a creative workshop. 

Day 5

The last day will be spent at the sacred grounds of Glastonbury Abbey, where we follow the NEW PATH and see more concrete how to go further with the new in your life. 

The program can be changed relating to weather conditions or if it is required.

COSTS: £825 p.p. (one-on-one). Only on request

15 minute Skype session available, for information and questions, please drop me an email.