Tailor made journey


Is there a theme in your life on which you want more clarification or would you like to receive more insights about a specific aspect of yourself?  I can make for you a tailor-made walk or journey.  Your question will be the base. We will make the connection with the theme and I will teach you how Nature  shows, by mirroring, the things you need/want to know, so you will get more clarity about the theme.

I offer this service as a discovery walk or a 3-day journey. With the 3-day journey we will also visit the Tor, Wearyal Hill, Glastonbury Abbey and Chalice Well. The entrance fees are included.

Possible themes could be balance, courage, femininity, joy, etc.


  • wandering in nature
  • connecting with your theme
  • short visualization
  • tailor-made exercises based on your question
  • collecting natural materials
  • intuitively guided
  • receive insights about your theme
  • workshop after the walk where you can make something tangible (depending on the theme).

Please contact me for further information,


  • Discovery walk (tailor-made)                £130
  • 3-day journey (tailor-made)                  £640 (incl. entrance fees)