Senses 3-day journey

Senses 3-day journey

Glastonbury and Dundon Hill

“The world is full of magical things,

patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper”

– W.B. Yeats

This group journey is all about the senses! Hearing, seeing, touch, taste and smell are the ways we perceive the world around us, but the senses have an inner part too, the knowing, the sixth sense.

During these days we will connect with your senses to sharpen them on a deeper level. You will have a stronger connection with your intuition and become more aware of the person you truly are!

All the experiences will take place in Nature, so if you want to join, put on your walking boots and come with an open mind. You will be enlightened by your own awareness.

We spend two days in Glastonbury, where we will climb the Tor, visit Chalice Well and Glastonbury Abbey (entrance fees included) and on the third day we will go to Dundon Hill in Compton Dundon to experience different energies.

Optional fourth day to visit Avebury (stone circle).

Group journey for maximum of 4 people.


  • walks in Nature
  • connecting with your senses: hearing, touch, taste, smell and sight
  • short visualizations
  • experience how nature mirrors yourself
  • exercises based on the senses
  • sharpen your inner senses
  • use of Color Mirror sprays
  • enlarge your intuition – the sixth sense
  • intuitively guided
  • visit to Glastonbury Tor, Chalice Well and Glastonbury Abbey (entrance fees included)
  • visit to Dundon Hill in Compton Dundon
  • optional visit to Avebury

Each day we will walk in Nature, so we will have a picnic along the way (please bring lunch with you). 

Day 1

This day we start with the sense of hearing and inner hearing and continue with touch. We will do 2 short visualizations: hearing and touch. I will show you how to connect with the trees and so much more. We will end this day by climbing the Tor to enjoy the view and all the energies that are there.

Day 2

Today we will go to Chalice Well, where we will do a cleansing ritual and more exercises to connect with your senses. In the afternoon we will visit Glastonbury Abbey, where the herb garden is part of a smell experience!

Day 3

The last day we will drive to Compton Dundon to see the 1700 year old Yew tree and climb Dundon Hill to close the journey with the sense of sight and the other senses.

Optional day 4

Visit to Avebury  (let me know in advance if you want to book this day too).

The program can be changed relating to weather conditions or if it is required. 

COSTS: £295 p.p. (max. of 4 people) + £95 (visit Avebury)

COSTS: £550 (one-on-one)

15 minute Skype session available, for information and questions, please drop me an email.