Discover your passions

Discover your passions

Workshop in nature to discover the connection between nature and your passions. Receive insights about them, known and hidden. Become aware what sparkles you. Nature will show you and you can learn to trust your intuition. We will walk in nature and you will get to know yourself on a deeper level. Your passions bring you joy. It is what make you jump out of bed eager to start the day. Discover the connection between nature and your spark of life,


  • wander around in nature
  • short visualization to connect your heart with nature
  • connecting with your passions
  • exercises to discover more about your passions
  • learn to trust your intuition
  • collecting natural material
  • discover how nature mirrors your passions
  • workshop after the walk

The walk start at 10am and will take a few hours. There are several stops and we will have a lunch along the way (please bring a lunch with you). After the walk there will be a workshop to make a tangible memory of this day. 


  •  £85 per person (group maximum of 4 people)
  •  £135 one-on-one

If you would like to book a discovery walk please send me a message. I would love to show you how to get the know yourself better with this part of yourself.