Discover Yourself 5-day journey Glastonbury

Discover Yourself

5-day journey Glastonbury

Would you like to get to know yourself on a deeper level? Get in contact with the energies inside yourself? Feel how you are connected with nature? Experience yourself through the elements: water, air, earth and fire. The building blocks of nature and therefore the foundations of ourselves. Strengthen your connection with your heart. Expand your horizon. Make room for new insights and be creative. But most of all: DISCOVER YOU!

We will connect with the energy of water (your emotions), air (your thoughts and dreams), fire (your passions) and earth (your foundations). You will experience those energies in a tangible way.  You will receive insights, messages and awareness of the person you truly are. We will connect with nature,  walk through the pool in Chalice Well, climb the Tor,  stroll to Gog and Magog (the ancient oaks), wander around Glastonbury Abbey and enjoy the energies of Brides Mound.

During this journey you will see how you are connected with nature and nature will show you who you really are. It only takes refreshed eyes to experience that nature is part of you and that she can give you so many insights, all it takes is the courage to LOOK!


  • walks in the natural environment of Glastonbury
  • connecting with the energy of the elements: water, air, earth and fire
  • connecting with your heart
  • short visualizations
  • collecting natural material
  • experience how nature mirrors yourself
  • element and heart based tasks to connect with the energies
  • learn to trust your intuition
  • intuitively guided
  • workshop: make your own treasure map
  • workshop: make your own element wand
  • use of the Color Mirror bottles: water, air, earth and fire
  • visit to Glastonbury Tor, Gog and Magog, Wearyal Hill, Brides Mound, Chalice Well and Glastonbury Abbey
  • be authentic, know yourself!

The walks take a few hours. There are several stops. Each day we shall have a picnic along the way (please bring a lunch with you). 

Day 1

This first day we will connect with the energy of water (emotions) and see what this energy inside you has to tell you. We will walk to Chalice Well, where you can walk through the pool and meditate at the Well. After the lunch we will climb the Tor and connect with the energy of Air (thoughts and dreams).

Day 2

This day we meet at Glastonbury Abbey and finish the last part of the energy of  Air walk of yesterday. I will show you the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey and there will be a short writing task. In the afternoon there is a workshop: create your own treasure map.

Day 3

Today we will connect with your passions. The energy of fire will lead us. We find out what sparkles you and we will climb Wearyall Hill where one of the many legends of Glastonbury starts. 

Day 4

We walk to Gog and Magog, once part of the majestic oak path toward the Tor. We connect with the energy of Earth and experience all the beautiful things nature has to offer you. In the afternoon you can make your own element wand as a representative of yourself.

Day 5

This last day we will walk to the other site of Glastonbury. We follow a special path and combine the energies of the elements with each other and make the heart connection. For it is living from the heart, which makes us unique and powerful. We close in a quite place near Brides Well and surrender to the energy that has been there a long long time. 

The program can be changed relating to weather conditions or if it is required. 

COSTS: £355 p.p. (max. 4 people per group)

COSTS: £580 (one-on-one)