My partner Jim and I were beginners in the world of nature and the elements and had no idea how our 5-day journey of self-discovery would make a difference in our lives. Trea could read us before we even met her for the first time, and knew, intuitively, why I was there, and she was right. I felt like my heart was blocked and on the very first day, with the element of water (emotions) at Chalice Well, I stood grounded between two trees and started crying. I was overcome with love for humanity, and this was on our first day of our journey. We had four more days of self-discovery through the elements of Air, climbing to the top of the Tor, discovering our passions through the element of  Fire, and the Earth for energy and finally, connecting these elements to our heart. What I learned was so intense; a gift from nature to my heart. Thank you Trea for showing me how balance, inner peace, and love are all possible once you allow nature into your heart.

Sonia xx

Sonia Marsh, California, USA

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